Marigold Verity

Marigold Verity • Harpist & Singer


Marigold Verity is a charismatic fun loving person whose deep love of music is demonstrated in the her expressive playing of the harp.

Marigold first trained and worked as a speech therapist, whilst also studying singing with Audrey Langford. She then pursued her musical career, singing with professional groups such as Kent Opera , Saddlers Wells and many other major venues. When recovering from a serious illness, and with the demands of a young family, she studied the harp with Tina Bonafacio, and discovered its therapeutic qualities.

For many years Marigold was the Honorary Secretary and later the Convener of the London branch of the Clarsach Society. In that capacity she introduced teaching workshops for children and adults to study the harp. This attracted the interest of young harpists and helped to generate the wider audiences.

The Story of the Harp

"In great baronial halls of Scotland and Ireland the harper was also the narrator of laws, past history and legends"

Marigold went on to develop The Art of Singing with the Harp - "Singing Harplines". This has led her to perform in Spain, Holland, Germany, Slovenia not to mention her determination to promote the harp in far flung corners of the world such as Mongolia, South America and USA.

Now based in Dorset, Marigold is a freelance harpist and teacher. Marigold continues with her storytelling and is publishing a series of children's books with symbolic reference to our inner journey through life.

The Harp brings music and its magic to the listener allowing its story to be heard in many and varied situations.

"... the children loved the harp music - they were spellbound. It is easy to imagine how, in days long ago, the harpist was a welcome entertainer and story-teller" Head Teacher

Marigold uses her life experiences and translates them into mythical stories interwoven with reflective music on the harp.

Drawing on folk and classical repertoire, she creates programmes that express the human condition and shows the evolution of the harp over time.

Stories with harp music to enhance the spoken word and stimulate the imagination.

Songs recording life and its experience from birth to the grave.

Harps include the pedal harp, clarsach (folk harp) and baroque triple harp.

"Art gently uncovers the beauty which human convention hides" Hazrat Inayat Khan