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All publications are suitable for elementary to intermediate.
Arranged for non-pedal & pedal harps by Alan Gout & Marigold Verity.

Harp MusicSongsters of the Grove £10
Marigold Verity & Shirlie Roden

Harp Tunes for Two
Paraguyan - £5

Harp Tunes for Two
South American - £5

Harp Tunes for Two
Mongolian - Three Folk Tunes - £8

  Harp Tunes for Four
English Folk - £8

1. I Sew the Seeds of Love
2. Dabbling in the Dew
3. Blow Away the Morning Dew
Harp Extensions - 3
Traditional songs -£8
1. I'll give my Love an Apple
2. She Moved Through The Fayre
3. Tomorrow will be My Dancing Day
  At The Mayors Table
Music for City Dinners - £6
Arranged by Anne Ross & edited by Marigold Verity

This is the music traditionally used by The Livery Companies in London, for the entrance of guests, The Master, The Grace and The Ceremony of The Loving Cup.